The Little Things

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Just sharing a small yet an important thought in today’s post.

We are so busy with our lifestyle, work and household chores that we often forget to appreciate the little things in our surroundings.

These little things which go unnoticed everyday can be anything from a cup of morning coffee prepared by your partner β˜•, cooking your mom’s famous recipe for the first time πŸ‘©β€πŸ³, watering the plants as it blooms to health 🌻, a beautiful sunset from your balcony πŸŒ„, decorating a simple corner of your home 🏠 or even a 10 mins workout or meditation 🧘.

These are the things which keeps us motivated on days we are feeling low. The realisation and acknowledgement of self worth and the feeling of being loved is a great sheild that protects us from all the negativity and unnecessary hatred going around us.

So if ever feeling low just look at your surroundings. As it is said happiness is right around the corner 🏑β™₯️

Be grateful for what you have and be thankful for it everyday because what doesn’t feel a perfect day for you could be a dream life for someone else.

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