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Each and everyone of us deals with haters and self consciousness in our life. All these things lead to self doubt which ultimately results in taking us away from our goals. Energy vampires can suck out all our confidence, which might affect us adversely.

You have to work for yourself and the goal which you want to achieve in life. No one will come to you and say that I’ll do it for you. There will be judgements, there will be negativity but don’t let it affect your self worth.

There are few things which should be taken into consideration for self growth amongst all the negativity in the surrounding and within ourselves.

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1. Take criticism positively and try to rectify your flaws because trust me they’ll help you grow stronger. Transform yourself into a better version of you with each passing day.

2. Be forgiving – It gives inner peace. Keeping any sort of grudge can only worsen things for yourself. No one else is affected by it other than you. If you think too much about what the other person said or did your time and energy will be consumed with all the negativity and ultimately results in decreasing your productivity.

3.Learn from your failures – Each day brings a new hope. You are not alone in the world getting rejected for something or not succeeding in your personal or professional life. Just give some time and think “What am I doing wrong?” keeping aside all the bias and ego and surprisingly you already know the answer.

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4. Trust yourself and be confident, every person is unique in its own way. Belief in yourself and your worth will give you motivation to work harder and move you much closer in achieving your goals.

5. Don’t thrive for validation from others. Just do your best 👍. There are a very few people who might appreciate your efforts. Sometimes what happens, you don’t get enough appreciation for your work that leads to self doubt, leading to questioning yourself “Maybe my work is not good enough”. Only try to give your best at every step you take. Sooner or later people will start noticing and appreciating your work. Even if they don’t atleast you’ll have self satisfaction that you did your best.

6. Explore new areas and ideas of your liking. It totally adds spice to your life ♥️. Its not necessary that what you wanted to do 10 years ago is the same thing you want to do at the present moment. With passing years there are many areas of your liking and interests that might bring kick in your life. Try to analyse those fields which actually interests you. It will help you to have a new zeal in order to work towards them without feeling any exhaustion or boredom.

7. Be kind to everyone including yourself. Appreciate the little things in life. Spend time with the people you love and care about. If your heart is clean and your mind is clear it will make you happy and give a boost to work harder.

So, consistency, acceptance of constructive criticism, willpower, commitment and being kind is the only way in which you can flourish and grow.

Picture Credits : Little Barefoot Brunette

Always remember “If someone’s judging you that’s their problem, don’t make it yours” – Mel Robbins.

Cheers to the stronger and happier you🥂

Take care and stay safe ♥️

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