L’Oréal Revitalift Crystal Micro- Essence Review

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Here I am with another product review.😅

I’ve been using the L’Oréal Paris Crystal Micro-essence for three months now and I think it’s a good time to review about it.

So, I laid my hands on this product in March 2020, thanks to my combination acne prone skin which was behaving abnormally because of change in weather and the stress of relocation to a different city.🥴

I always wanted to include an essence in my skincare routine which was light and not too heavy on my pocket as well🙄. When I saw this product I was pretty skeptical as it contains alcohol as the third ingredient. Alcohol has been used in skincare by a lot of brands for better absorption of the product so that it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin.

There are different types of alcohol which are suitable for different skin types. L’Oréal didn’t mention the type which was used in this product.

Different types of alcohol for different skin types

Oily skinethyl alcohol.

Dry skin– higher molecular weight alcohol that gives a moisturizing feel such as cetyl and stearyl.

Sensitive skin– sensitive skin people should avoid all kinds of alcohol as it can be really irritating for the skin. Do a patch test before applying any alcohol based product on your skin.

But I still decided it to give it a try as it contains salicylic acid which is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and my skin needed it at that moment. It also contains Centella asiatica, which has calming properties for irritated skin.

What does the product say?

The skin is lastingly moisturized, feels smoother and radiant.

Active Ingredients

Salicylic acid– helps in mild exfoliation and refining pores. It also helps in improving skin texture and removes dead skin cells.

Centella asiatica– known for its healing power to repair and boost elasticity.

Full ingredients list

Aqua, butylenes glycol, alcohol hydroethylpiperazine, ethane sulphonic acid, propanediol, Ppg-6- decyltetradeceth-30, caprylyl glycol, salicylic acid sodium hydroxide, P-anisic caid, adenosine, capryloyl salicylic acid, acetyl trifluoromethylphenyl valyglycine disodium EDTA, parfum/fragrance madecassoside, benzyl salicylate, limonene, linalool, benzyl alcohol, pentylene glycol, faex-extract/yeast extract, tocopherol.

The product comes in three sizes- 22ml, 65 ml and 130 ml.

I TOTALLY LOVE IT when brands are sensitive enough to make a trial size of the product in order to let the consumer try it first.


22 ml- 250 INR

65 ml- 799 INR

130 ml- 1400 INR

I decided to buy the smallest one first to see how my skin reacts to it.

How to use?

After cleansing and toning the face pour 3-4 drops in your palm and gently pat on your face.

My experience with the product-

First let me comment on the packaging. It comes a transparent sturdy glass bottle which lets you know how much product is left. Also, you can easily control the amount of product for your skincare routine. I love it when you don’t have to dip your fingers in the product and you can control the drops as it is very hygienic and eliminates wastage.

The product is clear water like liquid which has a pleasant smell. My skin doesn’t react to fragrance so; I didn’t have any complaints with it. I use this essence daily, morning and evening and follow with my serum and moisturizer. When I wear this at day time I always apply a sunscreen. I must say my skin very well reacted to this product but some people might get irritation because of the high alcohol content. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, helps in controlling oil on my T-zone area and definitely my skin feels much fresher. It has never irritated my skin or made it feel dry as I have a combination skin which is more on the oily side. I have noticed fewer breakouts since I started using this product and it doesn’t feel tacky after application. Dry and sensitive skinned beauties must do a patch test and should buy the smaller version first as we don’t know what type of alcohol is present in it and if it will suit your skin or not.

Note- I don’t use this in conjunction with vitamin C or Glycolic acid.


  • Easily absorbed.
  • Contains good active ingredients such as salicylic acid and centella asiatica.
  • A little product goes a long way.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Comes in 3 sizes.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Controls oil.
  • I experienced fewer breakouts after using it.
  • Did not irritate my skin.


Alcohol is very high on the ingredient list.

Will I repurchase it?

No. Better options are available in the market containing good potent ingredients.

Hope you found it useful.

Take care 🙂

Stay safe.🥰

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    1. It contains salicylic acid. Glycolic acid and vitamin C should not be used with active ingredients like salicylic acid in skincare especially for a long time usage as these combinations are pretty harsh on the skin and can lead to irritation.

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