DEARPACKER Charcoal Sheet Mask Review

With all the toxicity present around us either in the form of pollution, impurities, hatred or energy vampires 🦇 we always need a quick detox to keep ourselves sane 🧘‍♀️. Anything with the word “DETOX” or “CHARCOAL” grabs my attention immediately ⚠️.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Charcoal Sheet Mask from the brand DEARPACKER.

For beginner’s– Sheet mask are face shaped sheet fabrics which are soaked in serum according to the skin needs. The sheet is made up of paper, fiber or gel and each sheet is meant for a single time use.

So, DEARPACKER launched its exclusive range for Nykaa and they have a variety of masks to choose from. The sheet masks from this Korean brand have further variants referred to as Lab Collection and Home Remedy.

This particular sheet mask belongs to the home remedy range.

Charcoal has been an angelic solution for a lot of skin problems 😇.  It effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores and removes impurities and dead skin cells revealing a clearer complexion.

What does the product say?

Charcoal is good for oily complexion and reduces a range of skin impurities. It protects the skin against environmental stressors and unclogs pores.

This mask is made of black bamboo charcoal sheet which is an exclusive blend of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber, woven together to create a perfectly hygienic and naturally gentle mask for people with sensitivities and excessive sebum.

After reading this I decided to give it a try (*while blotting the excess sebum on my face* 😐).

These masks come in individual packets containing a single sheet.

Net quantity- 20 gm

Price – 100 INR for a single sheet.

Directions to use

Gently unfold the sheet mask and apply over cleansed face.

Leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Remove the mask and lightly massage the excess serum into the face and neck to absorb.

Don’t rinse the face after using it.


My experience with the product

I am huge fan of sheet masks. They help to calm and treat the skin at the same time without irritating or drying it. The serum provides extra hydration to the face and makes it soft and supple. The packaging of the product is pretty attractive which contains a beautiful black sheet dipped in a good amount of serum.  When I first tried this mask I felt immediate cooling effect on my skin. The fragrance is light and pleasant. This mask adheres to the face without any fuss.

Compared to normal charcoal, bamboo charcoal is four times stronger in its absorption rate. The porous structures of bamboo charcoal provide multiple tiny holes which are effective in absorbing impurities.

Even after 15 minutes the mask was not completely dried. So, after patting the excess serum on my face I squeezed the sheet and took the remaining serum to apply on my hands and legs (not wasting even a single drop of it).

The serum quickly got absorbed without leaving any sticky or tacky feel on my face. Big thumbs up for me. My skin felt hydrated, moisturized and brighter. I followed it with my Vitamin C serum and didn’t put a moisturizer at all. The next morning I saw lesser amount of sebum secretion on my T-zone area and my face felt hydrated and soft.


  • Good amount of serum present in each sheet.
  • Didn’t break me out.
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • Controls excess sebum.
  • Calms down active zits.
  • Soothing and cooling effects on skin.
  • Application of sheet on face is easy.
  • The sheet properly adheres to the face.
  • Contains charcoal.
  • The bamboo charcoal sheet feels soft on skin and is pretty thick.
  • Travel friendly


  • Absolutely none

Will I repurchase it?

I already ordered a bulk from the store 🤪

Hope you liked it♥️

Thanks for stopping by🥰

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