Let’s talk about Green Tea- Health Benefits and DIY Skincare Hacks

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It feels absolutely divine warming your hands with a hot cup of tea. Whether its a cold chilly night or an evening after a tough day, it completely calms your mind 😇. I switched to green tea 5 years back and have been in a committed relationship with it since then 🥰.

Green tea is made solely from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. It originates from China and has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. 
A person can have 2-3 cups daily. Intake should  not be exceeded more than 3 cups everyday as it is diuretic in nature.
Green tea is the key to a longer and healthier life. 
The benefits are as follows –

  • Improves the ratio of good and bad cholesterol  i.e it decreases LDL and maintains HDL in the body.
  • It is also helpful for reducing weight. Green tea helps in boosting the body’s metabolism and polyphenols helps in burning fat.
  • It serves as a powerful antioxidant and prevents from free radical damage.
  • Also treat the impaired immune function of the body. Makes body resistant to certain infections.
  • Polyphenols helps in protecting the heart from oxidative stress, as well as maintain good left ventricular function after ischemic arrest. It also protects the heart by preventing hypertension.
  • Improves cognition. Green tea may protect the brain from forming plaque deposits found in alzheimer’s disease and reduce memory loss.
  • Green tea consumption may improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in individuals with diabetes. 

So, as we can see there are a number of health benefits of green tea for our body, but truthfully speaking, green tea can only benefit you when it is taken along with a balanced diet.
Don’t expect to lose weight when you are not having a calorie check.

Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea while stuffing your mouth with cheeseburgers 🍔 and Lays won’t help you reduce weight or stay active 🤪. Green tea can only add a boost to things when you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Now Let’s Come To Some DIY Skincare Hacks 🙌

(For this I only rely on the organic green tea)

Green Tea Eye Masks– Whenever you make a cup of green tea, take few tablespoons aside in a small bowl and add cucumber juice to it. Dip some round flat cotton pads in the liquid and let it cool. Afterwards refrigerate it by keeping in a zip lock bag for few hours. Then cut the chilled cotton pad into half and put it under your eyes for 10 minutes. This will quickly de-puff the eyes and add hydration to the under eye area. You can make a whole batch and store it for a week.

After cutting into half.

Green Tea Sheet Mask-Make some organic green tea and add some aloevera gel to it. Mix it well and let it cool for some time. If you want, you can refrigerate the same. Add one compressed DIY face mask sheet (available on Amazon) to it. The mask will soak up the liquid and expand into a facial sheet. Separate the sheet carefully and apply to freshly cleansed face. VOILA ! You get your own hydrating green tea sheet mask at home. Keep it for 10-15 mins then remove and pat the remaining on your face.

Expansion of the mask while it soaks the liquid.
This is just to show how the sheet looks like 👻. PS: Its a used one 😛

Green Tea Clay Mask-Add two tablespoons of cold green tea in a bowl, mix one tablespoon of clay powder (fuller’s earth), few drops of rose water and half teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel. Your own green tea clay mask is ready for use. Apply it all over your face and neck for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Hope you found it useful 🙂
Have a nice day🍵Stay fit and stay healthy 😘
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  1. I love green tea, though not the popular brands in teabags ;D I definitely recommend good quality loose leaf green tea with some extras, like fruits or flowers, they’re delicious!

    1. I am a big fan of the organic loose ones too… mine got over and due to lockdown not getting it delivered in my region… If you have some good brand recommendations for green tea blends do tell me 😊

      1. Basilur! I’m a big fan of those teas but they’re hard to find, Amazon only has a few flavours. My absolute favourite is their Christmas blend green tea, it’s not actually a heavily spiced winter mix but a very light, subtle fruity green tea. 🙂

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