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Here I am with another health post 😛. I know,  following a healthy lifestyle is not that easy, its easier said than done *blah blah blah* but trust me adding these simple steps in your day can lead to a better, more healthier and stronger version of you. Today I’ll be discussing four nutritious seeds that I consume regularly either in my smoothies, shakes, toasts, upma or poha. So let’s cut to the chase.

1.     Pumpkin seeds

  • These are nutritional powerhouses.
  •  A good source of vitamin B, magnesium, iron and protein.
  •  Pumpkin seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  •  They are a rich source of healthy fats which lowers the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol level in the body.
  •  Rich in fibers and various antioxidants helps in digestion improving gut health and preventing from free radical damage, resulting in support of the immune system.
  •  The magnesium in the seeds helps in maintaining the blood pressure.
  •  Researchers have also proved that it helps in insulin regulation in the body thus helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

2. Flax seeds

 These little brown seeds are loaded with a lot of goodness. Just one tablespoon provides a good amount of protein, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

·        Flax seeds contain lignin which has antioxidant properties.

·        It helps in maintaining the level of good and bad cholesterol in the body.

·         Provides a great source of plant based protein and are rich in amino acids such as arginine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

·        Prevents insulin spikes resulting in maintenance of blood sugar levels and helps in weight control by keeping hunger at bay.

3. Chia seeds

One of the most popular seeds, chia seeds can be used raw, toasted or can be consumed in the form of various delicious chia seed puddings.

·        Two tablespoons of chia seeds mixed with the right ingredients can make an amazing breakfast recipe for busy mornings.

·        These gooey seeds are rich in dietary fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, manganese, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.

·        They deliver massive amounts of nutrients with very few calories hence making you fuller for a longer period of time and aids weight loss by preventing unnecessary snacking.

·        As they are rich in calcium it helps in promoting bone health.

·       They are also rich in antioxidants.

·        Chia seeds increases the levels of HDL or the good cholesterol helping in decreasing the risk for heart disease.

 4. Sunflower seeds

They are rich in vitamin E that is a fat soluble antioxidant and have anti- inflammatory properties.

·        Aids in weight loss by keeping the stomach sated for a longer period of time and curbs hunger pangs. 

·        Vitamin B1 and electrolytes present in sunflower seeds provides energy and keeps the body active.

·        The essential fatty acids and phytosterols help in regulating the cholesterol levels and contribute in building the immune system.

·        Essential fatty acids like linolenic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid are great for maintaining the skin texture by promoting formation of collagen and elastin.

·        Helps in flushing out the toxins from the body due to its high magnesium content and also helps in managing blood pressure.

A handful of these seeds can do wonders to you overall health and well being. I prefer the seeds to be toasted without salt before consumption. It provides a nice flavor to my health drinks and breakfast.

So whenever you feel like snacking in between meals instead of grabbing some chips or cookies try to reach out to these seeds for a better health. The comfort foods can only make your body uncomfortable as processed and canned foods can cause fluctuation in the sugar and hormone levels of the body, making you irritable and have mood swings.

Remember, You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake !

Hope you found it useful. 🙂

Stay safe, stay healthy and try to add these healthy natural compounds in the body rather than depending on artificial supplements.

I’ll be sharing some easy healthy recipes in my future posts 😏.

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