PIXI Overnight Glow Serum Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a product from one of my favorite brands “PIXI”.

I’ve been using its glow tonic since a very long time now which contains 5% glycolic acid, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that my skin loves. When PIXI got available in India, I quickly browsed the products to fill my cart (greedy intensions) 😈

When I laid my eyes on this serum I had the same sparkle in my eyes just like “ABU had in the Cave of Wonders” 🥺.

Picture Credits : Little Barefoot Brunette

This product contains 10% glycolic acid and is a concentrated exfoliating gel. I’ve used glycolic acid peels in past and my skin can tolerate it very well. So, while buying this product I was pretty happy and confident that it will do wonders to my skin.

It comes in a pretty mint green bottle with a dropper which makes it really convenient to use and you can easily control the amount to be used. The packaging says that it gently exfoliates to reveal a more even skin tone.


Picture Credits : Little Barefoot Brunette

Quantity and price

One bottle contains 30 ml of product which costs 2400 INR

Picture Credits : Little Barefoot Brunette

The serum is quite thick, clear and viscous and spreads evenly on your face.  You just need 2-3 drops after cleansing and toning the skin. You can follow with a moisturizer if your skin feels dry.

Picture Credits : Little Barefoot Brunette

My verdict on the product-

So, as I was saying that I bought it with a lot of hope and was super excited to use it on my face.  But….but but but….. All that glitters is not gold!!! On the first day I nicely did my cleansing routine followed by my PIXI glow tonic, then poured 2-3 drops of this serum on my palm and gently applied to my entire face and neck. I usually don’t need a moisturizer after a serum as my skin is combination sensitive acne prone. At first I felt the serum sticky which gave a tacky feel on my face but after 2 minutes it got completely absorbed. Dreaming about getting a glowy, refreshed, soft smooth skin i went to bed.

The next morning…..

I woke up and when I saw my face in the mirror, 2-3 tiny bumps had appeared on my face. I could feel my heart break into multiple pieces. I was like “why god, why???”

Then after giving some thought I decided to give it one more try. So, the next night I used it without applying any toner on my face. After cleansing I just slathered few drops on my bare face and went to sleep keeping my fingers crossed!

The next day few more friends came to visit their old friends. I finally understood that you have to let some things go. I tried using it every alternate night for a week too but the results were same. Finally, I stopped using it from that day and have been applying on my body since then.


  • Beautiful packaging
  • Absorbs easily
  • Nice texture
  • Comes with a dropper
  • Travel friendly
  • Contain ingredients like glycolic acid, aloe, cucumber etc.


It broke me out. This was enough for making me stop using it.

Will I repurchase it?

No for sure.😣

Remember that everyone’s skin is different and the way they react to different products is also variable. If it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.

Hope you found it useful.🙂

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